Exercise is Great for Your Health, and Also Your Bank Account

October 12, 2016

Exercise is Great for Your Health, and Also Your Bank Account

Health care spending gets plenty of attention in the United States, and rightfully so considering the national expenditure was $3 trillion in 2014. Researchers are always looking for ways to reduce health care costs, and a study published in the Journal of the American Heart Association had very interesting findings on how increasing exercise can result in major savings.

The study examined data from 26,000 American adults of varying fitness and cardiovascular levels. Close to one-third of the participants who suffered from cardiovascular disease said they engaged in moderate-to-vigorous activity on a regular basis. The results of the study showed that those individuals saved an average of $2,500 a year in healthcare costs, over participants with cardiovascular disease who did not meet recommended exercise guidelines. Researchers also found that even among the healthiest participants, only about half met recommended exercise guidelines, and those individuals saved an average of $500 per year on health care costs.  

Unfortunately for many people, the health benefits of increasing physical activity is not enough motivation, so hopefully the knowledge that they could save a significant amount of money each year is a stronger incentive. While these findings are important for any health conscious individual, those with a history of cardiovascular disease should really pay attention. There are many ways to increase moderate exercise that is attainable even for someone with heart problems, who maybe has avoided physical activity for a long period of time. Going for a brisk walk, swimming or even yard work is considered moderate exercise, and can be incredibly valuable for cardiovascular health and also your bank account. Essentially any activity that causes a light sweat or moderate increases in breathing or heart rate is sufficient.

At HOVR, one of our most important goals is promoting circulatory and cardiovascular health. We strongly urge everyone, particularly those with cardiovascular disease, to be mindful of the importance of regular physical activity. And always remember to consult your doctor before starting a new exercise program!

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