Exercise While Sitting – Techies Get Moving With SitFlow

July 16, 2017

Exercise While Sitting – Techies Get Moving With SitFlow

Today we live in a sit-down world, given careers are leaning in the techie direction and so many people telecommute or work from home. We all use computers, tablets, and other devices to communicate and get the job done. While we’re constantly sitting, our health is going down the drain! SitFlow is an amazing invention that makes it possible to burn more calories even while you sit – no sweat, no effort, no huffing and puffing, in fact you don’t even realize you’re doing it!

Imagine having the ability to exercise while sitting, never getting up from your desk (or table, or wherever you work from). An ingenious invention, the SitFlow is basically a couple of circular foot pads connected with a metal bar that’s attached to a strap which is adjustable. While you’re sitting there checking out Facebook, creating a new website for a client, working on your business social media campaign, writing a blog post, or researching, your feet and legs can do the walking – or swinging, if you prefer. The great thing is you’re never distracted because it’s all “unconscious.” No exercising on purpose – isn’t it great?

Even better is the fact that those with Android or iOS can get the companion app, making it possible to set daily goals and track your movement. It’s great to feel accomplished, even when you don’t realize you’re doing anything. We all know that a sedentary lifestyle isn’t a good thing, but now it’s a whole lot better thanks to SitFlow! There are lots of gimmicks out there today, but thankfully this isn’t one of them.

Get your legs moving, improve circulation, burn calories, and never know you’re doing any of it while your head’s buried in the computer. SitFlow may just be the greatest thing to come along since sliced bread.

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