I Love My SitFlow: What Everyone is Saying About the SitFlow Desk Swing

February 13, 2018 2 Comments

office worker using hovr leg swing desk exercise equipment

The SitFlow desk swing was conceptualized, designed, and created to solve a problem that plagues many of us today: a sedentary lifestyle. It has been nearly two years since this innovative product was first unveiled, and in that short amount of time it has helped countless people lessen their sedentary behavior by incorporating easy, unconscious movement into their everyday lives.

There are many benefits to using the SitFlow. It helps burn more calories, increase blood circulation, improve cognitive productivity, and boost overall mental and physical health. Due to these benefits, the SitFlow has been particularly helpful for desk workers who normally spend eight hours or more at their desks each day. It serves as a simple but effective solution for counteracting the side effects of prolonged sitting, and even gives them an opportunity to burn calories at work.

See what some of them had to say about the SitFlow:

screenshot of five star review for hovr desk swing

screenshot of five star review for hovr desk swing

screenshot of five star review for hovr desk swing

screenshot of five star review for hovr desk exercise tool

screenshot of five star review for hovr desk exercise equipment

“I adore this product. When I spend the day at my computer, it’s nice to feel like I am burning some calories and toning my legs. It actually makes me feel like it’s easier to get through my tasks while I’m working away, plus using the SitFlow.

I’m really impressed with whoever came up with this design. Oddly, I find the SitFlowcalming. I can’t figure out if it is because I’m exercising or tapping into some childhood joy (I used to fidget in class growing up.) I agree with the user that noted that it made them feel better mentally, as well as physically.”

Anonymous | Amazon Review

“The SitFlow product is amazing! I have felt an improvement in my low back pain working at a desk all day. It also just makes me feel better overall mentally as well as physically. I tend to be a fidgety person anyways when sitting for long periods of time so this helps keep my knee joints warm as well as keeps my circulation flowing. It was well worth the investment. Highly recommended!”

Joseph | Amazon Review

“I love the SitFlow desk leg swing. I feel like I'm getting some mobile activity [throughout] the day. Instead of just sitting 8 hrs a day with feet on a foot rest. I have stretched ligaments on my left ankle [and] have been wearing a brace, [but] since I have been using the SitFlow leg desk swing, it feels a lot better. No swelling, and when I get up I don't feel a pinch.”

Maria | Amazon Review

“I saw the SitFlow swing a year ago when a friend shared a picture with me and I thought how cool that would be to have at work. I had a knee replaced this past summer and when I went back to work my knee would stiffen up from sitting. So I thought why not try the SitFlow swing. I love it!! It can be a challenge at first just getting your feet on the swing, but it can entertain me all day long. Highly recommend the product.”

BonaireGal | Amazon Review

“I love this thing! I bought it to help with circulation since I sit at a desk all day for work. The product itself is sturdy and well constructed. I didn't have any issues putting it together, just follow the instructions. Once I brought it to work, I realized how useful it is for movement while otherwise sitting still all day. It is not distracting at all while working and depending on what kind of movements I make with it, I can tell in my legs that I am getting something out of it!”

Melissa | Amazon Review

But while the SitFlow mainly promotes healthy sitting for desk workers, it has proven to be a vital movement tool for those suffering from certain health issues, as it helps provide relief for their aches and pains.

screenshot of five star review for hovr office exercise tool

screenshot of five star review for hovr pro leg swing

screenshot of five star review for hovr leg swing

“I just received this last week but I am in love with it already. I suffered a blood clot in my leg after bunion surgery and was told to find a way to keep it moving when sitting. Seeing as I sit most of the day at work, the SitFlow has really helped me keep my legs active.”

Jennifer | Amazon Review

“I have Postural Orthostatic Tachycardia Syndrome (POTS), which means I suffer - among other things - from poor circulation and blood pooling, particularly in my feet and legs. I love my SitFlow because it keeps me moving and is very comfortable to use. I'm able to sit at my desk comfortably for longer than I was before I got my SitFlow.”

Anonymous | Amazon Review

“I bought my SitFlow a few months ago before it was on Amazon. This is a wonderful price, less than I paid. I do love using my SitFlow. I am a senior with heel and knee problems. I have difficulty walking long distances. This allows me to have leg and foot movement while sitting in my favorite chair. I use it from 2 to 6 hours a day. I believe it is strengthening the muscles around my knee, making it more comfortable for me to walk. It certainly helps with blood circulation and I am not getting the chronic leg pains I was getting. I am sure the pains were from inactivity. I highly recommend this product.”

Gamer | Amazon Review

Additionally, the SitFlow can also be a reliable non-exercise tool to help you increase your daily physical activity.

hovr five star review screenshot

“I give the SitFlow 10 stars!!! My entire household loves it. I work at home from my computer and it is really nice to get this extra movement and burning of calories into my daily schedule! They say you should get up every 30 minutes and move your body for healthy circulation so I am super stoked to keep moving while sitting. Thank you SitFlow creators!!!”

Anonymous | Amazon Review

“After using the SitFlow for almost a month now I can truly say that it has added a good amount of activity to my normally stationary position at my desk. I am aware that sitting for prolonged periods is not healthy but most times I do not think about it till hours later. And I have paid the price. A minor (I think) weight issue and stiff joints. I feel the almost constant movement required by the SitFlow has helped to burn calories, loosen my joints, and eased some worries about sitting too long. I usually write a couple of sentences in reviewing a product, almost always when they are bad, but I feel this product would benefit many people and hope that a positive review will be helpful in making their decision.”

Milton | Amazon Review

“I love this. I bought it because I spend a lot of time on the computer working on my masters degree. It keeps my legs active and not so swollen. I want one for all of my desks at work!!”

Heather | Amazon Review

And of course, the SitFlow is also for those who simply want to relax, stretch their legs, and make work (and school) a little more enjoyable.

screenshot of hovr desk swing five star review

five star review for hovr pro

“Love this foot swing! Had to do a bit of adjusting to get the settings just right between the desk, foot swing and chair, but now that it's all settled it's great. I'm moving all day long at my desk and can use the swing not only for movement but to take a pause now and then to stretch out my legs using the swing as an assist. Feels great and the best part is… no more afternoon slump! I'm awake and focused all the way through my day. Great product!”

Ginger | Amazon Review

“AMAZING! I work all day at a desk and I am a full time student so this product has made a huge difference in under 2 weeks! My legs feel refreshed now at the end of the day. I am hoping to encourage everyone at work to get one!”

Anonymous | Amazon Review

“I love the way the SitFlow looks and feels. It glides so easily when I place feet on it, and after a few minutes, I notice my thighs feeling some fatigue. It is very easy to put together, and it is such an easy thing to do to add activity into my day. Thanks SitFlow team!”

Patricia | Amazon Review

“I love the SitFlow desk swing because it lets me fidget. I have it installed under my desk at home. I only wish my company would get me one for work. It would be great if I could use it all day. The great thing about it is that you can move so many different directions and ways.”

Larea | Amazon Review

“I bought this primarily to keep from crossing my legs while at my desk. It definitely works for that, but I'm surprised by how much I enjoy swinging my legs all day. It's strangely soothing. Love this gadget!”

Anonymous | Amazon Review

The SitFlow team is humbled and gratified by all the love our customers have shown the SitFlow desk swingIf you would like to share your own experience with SitFlow, please feel free to let us know in the comments. We'd love to hear from you, too!

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Robin McCasland
Robin McCasland

March 27, 2018

Just started using the HOVR and I’m amazed. It’s fun, easy to use (mindless, really). Helping my leg and knee pain caused by rheumatoid arthritis. When I use the HOVR at work, I stand up…and my legs aren’t stiff and in pain. My back feels better. I feel like my legs are getting a workout – and I can tell when I stand up. it makes a real, positive difference. I’m going to buy another one for my desk at home!


February 15, 2018

Using the HOVR at work has done wonders for my knee pain (caused by sedentary job, soft tissue injury & osteoarthritis). Being able to move my legs in all directions all day means I’m no longer subject to a surge of pain when I stand up. Best of all, it’s fun!

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