Memory Loss may be one of the Effects of Prolonged Sitting

May 21, 2018

The Effects of Prolonged Sitting

By now, almost everyone knows about the negative physical effects of sitting all day. But as new research is coming out all the time, we are learning more about just how harmful the effects of prolonged sitting can be for your mental health too.

A study released last month by UCLA’s Semel Institute and its Center for Cognitive Neuroscience contained some remarkable findings about how too much sitting can actually cause memory problems. According to the study, “The researchers found that sedentary behavior is a significant predictor of thinning of the medial temporal lobe and that physical activity, even at high levels, is insufficient to offset the harmful effects of sitting for extended periods.”

So to translate for all the non-scientists out there, prolonged sitting can lead to thinning of the part of the brain which is critical for new memory formation and has been used to predict Alzheimer’s Disease. Of course we are not saying that you will definitely suffer memory loss if you have a desk job, but you might want to take some precautions to reduce the amount of inactivity throughout the day.

There are many options out there for desk exercise equipment that can help you burn calories while sitting, however HOVR is one of the few that can also help you actually stay focused throughout the workday, as it is non-distracting and provides virtually unconscious movement. Your co-workers will also thank you, because HOVR is much less distracting than an under-desk elliptical machine or bicycle.

Our goal here at HOVR is simple: We want to help people lead healthier lives. If you are concerned that your desk job is having a negative impact on your health, mental and/or physical, we strongly encourage you to give HOVR a try!

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