SitFlow – Different Ways To Exercise At Work And Burn Calories

July 20, 2017

SitFlow – Different Ways To Exercise At Work And Burn Calories

Anyone who has a desk job (and these days, that’s a lot of people) knows it’s hard to sneak in some exercise, but being sedentary isn’t good for your physical or mental health. Additionally, a lack of exercise can have a negative impact on how effective you are at work as well as your productivity level. What to do when you can’t fit 30 minutes or an hour at the gym into your day? There are some ways to exercise at work, although you may prefer to install a desk swing like SitFlow under your desk and put your worries to rest immediately.

Use a stability ball instead of a desk chair. While this trend was popular a few years ago, and no doubt you could strengthen your abdominal muscles through your efforts of trying to maintain balance, just how well could you concentrate on your work? Just saying…

During those 10-minute hourly breaks to refresh your mind, consider taking a walk around the warehouse or up and down the stairs if there are any at your workplace, rather than checking Facebook and emails at your desk.

Spend a lot of time on the phone? Pace during those conversations to give your back a break and burn a few calories. This is what’s known as unconscious fidgeting, which is also something you can do with the SitFlow, without ever getting out of your chair.

Perform subtle workouts at your desk for a minute or two, several times throughout the day. Yes, you can tighten your abs and glutes at your desk to a certain point, and it’s certainly better than nothing. For your abdominal muscles, tighten and hold for about 30 seconds before releasing. Do the same with your glutes, and with both exercises repeat 10 times. Have a standing desk? Work out your calf muscles by performing calf raises for about a minute.

Of course with any of these desk workouts, you’re going to spend time consciously doing the movements and counting the seconds off in your head, which will make it difficult to concentrate on your work. Not so with SitFlow – you won’t even realize you’re burning calories!

There are lots of ways to exercise at work, some subtle and others not so much. Why not take the most logical, easiest approach to burning calories, improving your health and enjoying both physical and mental benefits? SitFlow is all you need.

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