SitFlow – Get Moving Without Leaving Your Desk (Or The Couch)

July 16, 2017

SitFlow – Get Moving Without Leaving Your Desk (Or The Couch)

We’ve all grown up with the concept that burning calories requires moving, whether walking, jogging, pumping iron, doing aerobics or some other type of exercise – and who has time for that these days? While it’s true anyone could actually make time if they were dedicated enough (after all, who couldn’t get up 15 or 20 minutes earlier in the day), it’s just a tough thing to do. SitFlow is a desk swing, an incredibly effective gadget that makes it possible for you to get moving without leaving your desk chair (or off the couch, whichever the case may be).

Who’d have thunk it? All we’ve known over the past decades is that sitting at a desk all day leads to a wide rear end, and that it’s not the healthiest thing we can do. Unfortunately, given the fact that more people than ever before are sitting behind desks and working on computers thanks to technology, the number of people who are essentially “inactive” while working has only grown. Now you can sit at your desk or on the couch and “unconsciously” exercise thanks to SitFlow, the best invention ever to get people moving without even realizing they’re doing it!

Sure you’re skeptical; after all, given all of the “as seen on TV” gadgets you’ve probably tried that didn’t deliver on their promises, it’s hard to have confidence in anything you see advertised today. Nothing ever lives up to the hype, and for the most part lots of people part with hard-earned money to see little or nothing in return. Not so with SitFlow, a desk swing approved by the Mayo Clinic and proven to not only increase calorie burn without distracting you while you’re working, but also improve circulation, mental alertness, and more. Sure, all of the health experts advise getting up and moving around for ten minutes or so every hour, but who has time? How would you even keep up with when it’s time to get up and mingle with your co-workers without setting a timer? Forget the hassle, and get a SitFlow if you spend the majority of your day sitting. You’ll be glad you did, guaranteed – and you won’t have to worry that your boss thinks you’re goofing off those ten minutes each hour when you would have been up and milling around.

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