SitFlow Lets You Put Idle Time Spent Texting To Good Use

July 12, 2017

SitFlow Lets You Put Idle Time Spent Texting To Good Use

SitFlow Lets You Put Idle Time Spent Texting to Good Use


Let’s be honest here.  Wherever you are, at any time of the day or night, if you look around, what do you see?  People apparently mesmerized by their phone screens.  We’re a society addicted to technology – and who has time for exercise?  If you go to the gym, or chance going for a run, you might miss a text or your friend’s latest tweet.  SitFlow makes it possible for even the laziest of couch potatoes, who spend hours every day staring at their phone screens, to burn calories, improve circulation, and more.



No doubt you’ve heard about SitFlow, but you may associate it with a gadget that people who work at a desk all day long use.  While this is one version, there’s also an independent standing model you can use anywhere – even when you’re “hanging out” on the sofa, texting or posting something clever on Facebook.  Why waste all that productive time when you could be putting your legs and feet to good use?  (Yes, we’re being a little facetious here).


Go out to eat at a fine restaurant, to the latest “must see” movie release at the theater, even to the grocery store.  Look around you.  Regardless of where you are (maybe even cruising down the highway, which is definitely NOT a good idea), you’ll see people who are glued to their phone screens.  We’re obsessed, and we can’t help it.  Who communicates or carries on a conversation in-person anymore?  Who knew the old Yellow Pages ad slogan, “let your fingers do the walking,” was actually a prediction of what was to come in the future?


While we may have become isolated from others in a physical sense thanks to iPhones, smartphones, tablets and other gadgets, we don’t have to let our health go down the drain.  SitFlow makes it possible to unconsciously burn calories no matter where you are – and it’s also ideal for those with restless legs syndrome, circulation issues, and more.  Whether you’re chained to the sofa, a desk, even the dining room table, at least you can get some action going in your lower body!  SitFlow – an amazing invention five years in the making.


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