Transform Your Desk Into A Calorie Burning Machine With SitFlow

July 16, 2017

Transform Your Desk Into A Calorie Burning Machine With SitFlow

Anyone who works at a desk all day long knows what happens – your hips and derriere become wider and out of shape. Sitting at a desk is more common today than ever before, given the increase in the number of people who are employed in the tech arena, and those who work from home. No doubt you’ve heard of the “standing desk” that makes it possible to work while standing, but what good does that do, really, other than give you aching feet and legs from standing so much? SitFlow is sitting reinvented; now you can transform your desk into a calorie burning machine without the hassle of moving back and forth from a sitting to standing position. Cool!

Described as an “amazing” office gadget by some, SitFlow keeps your feet and legs moving, whether walking or swinging, without interrupting your concentration. In fact, it enhances your work life and makes you even more productive, burning calories every minute of the day while you’re totally unaware. Even more, it’s healthy in addition to melting away the fat and calories as SitFlow improves circulation, reduces stress, and increases cognitive function.

What does sitting all day at a desk without moving do? It restricts circulation; the same is true if you stand up at a desk but aren’t moving around. Why purposely let your backend get wider, while contributing to cardiovascular disease linked with restricted circulation and lack of movement, when you don’t have to? This is why the buzz phrase “Sitting is the new smoking” has gained popularity recently. It just isn’t healthy, but standing at a desk isn’t much healthier unless you’re jogging in place while you’re doing it!

SitFlow is a truly amazing, innovative device that transforms your desk (or couch, as the case may be) into a calorie burning machine. Try it, you’ll like it!

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