Under Desk Exercise – Why Hover When You Can SitFlow?

August 10, 2017

Under Desk Exercise – Why Hover When You Can SitFlow?

There's no doubt that sitting for hours a day is detrimental to our health, and today we do it more than ever, given the increase in desk jobs that stem from working at computers for hours on end. Sitting means the large muscles in your lower body aren't doing their job, and your metabolism is slower - meaning low or no calorie burn.

Some of the long-term risks of sitting at a desk to perform your job include not only weight gain, but heart disease and even some types of cancer. Experts recommend that those who have to sit at a desk to perform their jobs get up and move around for 10 minutes every hour, or five minutes every half hour. What do a lot of us do when we get up and move around? We hover over others' desks, which means we're interrupting their workflow and maybe even slowing productivity, something the boss likely frowns on. Instead of hovering, get a SitFlow!!

You could do like some of the physical fitness gurus suggest and spend the five or 10 minutes per 30 minutes/hour doing a few stretching moves and strength exercising...but how realistic is that? Just how comfortable would you feel doing those squats or downward dogs while everyone at the desks or in the offices around you pretend not to notice or nearly bust a gut trying not to laugh? Trust us, it's easier to get a SitFlow, the desk swing that takes your feet for a ride, gets the blood pumping, and burns calories like crazy. Because it mounts under your desk and is the coolest gadget going today, nobody's going to laugh - in fact, your co-workers will be racing to see who gets the next one.

Don't spend 10 minutes every hour hassling your co-workers when they're trying to work while you're up moving around, and don't become the butt of jokes at the water cooler for performing your squats or other strength moves in front of everybody - or even in the bathroom or conference room for that matter, you'll eventually get caught. Make the smart move and go with a SitFlow, the coolest under desk exercise invention ever.

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