Under Desk Exerciser – Healthy Sitting? It’s Possible With SitFlow

July 29, 2017

Under Desk Exerciser – Healthy Sitting? It’s Possible With SitFlow


We’ve been told over the years that sitting all day long isn’t healthy, whether we sit on the couch, at the kitchen table, or our desks at work. “Get up and move around every hour, get on the treadmill and walk while you watch TV, get a standing desk, blah blah blah.” We’ve heard all the lectures, we know sitting on our derrieres for hours on end isn’t healthy! There’s a simple solution that makes sitting a lot healthier; it’s called SitFlow.

Lots of people have unconscious habits or do things that they’re not even aware they’re doing, such as swinging or fidgeting with their legs while sitting. Why not make the most of those hours you spend sitting? Often called an “under desk exerciser,” SitFlow is a gadget that mounts under your desk and gives your legs and lower body a workout, an “unconscious” way of burning up those calories you consumed at lunch without the effort, grunting, sweating, and all those other lovely things we suffer when we actually work out. We say “unconscious” because you’re not even aware you’re doing it! What could be any better?

Lots of people sit at a desk eight hours a day – and they know it’s not healthy. SitFlow not only burns calories approximately equal to those you’d burn if you went for a 45 minute walk, it also offers other health benefits including improved circulation, joint and cardiovascular health, mental focus, and more.

In case you didn’t know it, this handy invention is also NEAT certified as announced in a 2016 memo from Dr. James A. Levine, Director, Obesity Solutions at Mayo Clinic and Arizona State University, and was found in a laboratory test conducted among 30 office workers to increase energy expenditure by almost 20%. Quite amazing, considering you don’t have to leave your desk!

Who wants to stand at a “standing” desk all day, or go through the hassle of alternating back and forth from the sitting-to-standing-to-sitting position? Healthy sitting has become a “thing,” thanks to SitFlow!

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