SitFlow with Desk Mount (Black & Blue Straps Included)

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    • SitFlow Platform
    • Adjustable Straps (Black & Blue)
    • Desk Mount
    • Wheel stopper

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Very fun

Keeps my feet entertained. I'm hoping it'll also help with my lower leg vein health.

Takes Some Getting Used To, But Worth It Overall

Overall, I love it. I've only been working from home at my desk for a few months, but i knew sitting still everyday was awful. It's just fun to be able to move your legs around and fidget while working.

It keeps you from feeling still and helps me to take breaks less often, since I don't need to get up and 'shake it out' anymore.

I got the desk mounted Hovr in an attempt to save space under my desk. However, now I kind of wish I got the Hovr with stand. My desk is pretty sturdy overall, but many motions shake my entire desk. So you need a super stable desk that won't move at all.

I also had to bring a rug into my office as my office chair kept rolling as I attempted any motion. It comes with a wheel stopper, but either I'm stupid or you have to spend 1-2 minutes every time you sit down in order to line up your chair with the wheel stopper. But the rug works fine.

The first day was super awkward, as you need to position your feet just right for comfortable use, which can take anywhere from 5 seconds to a minute. But once you get used to it, it's a lot easier.

So overall, I love it and would recommend it to anyone that sits at a desk for an hour or more per day. Just note that for me, the first 2 days were quite frustrating and awkward, but now it feels great! And I would pass on the desk mount unless your desk is super stable.

Great product, maybe not the best execution

I love my HOVR. My knees have started hurting from sitting all of the time at work, and I thought perhaps the HOVR, by keeping my legs moving, would ease some of that discomfort. It does! I'm quite pleased with it.

My only complaint is that the floor model scoots forward, and I find I have to adjust it often. I'm on carpeting, so maybe it would be better on hardwood or vinyl, but I suspect not.

I wish I could have used the under-desk mounted version, but I don't think my organization would have allowed it, since it involves drilling into a particle-board (?) desk. I guess I wish there were another option that would keep it in place.

Brilliant piece of kit

I teach online from home, and I'm sat at my desk all day and all week. This means I don't get to walk around much and standing desks are no good as I can move when on live conference. So I was looking for something to keep my legs mobile and keep the circulation moving, having tried various gadgets like rocker stools and leg steps, but all failed to make any difference by the end of the day. I saw the Hovr on Amazon and thought what a brilliant idea. As I live in the UK, it was difficult to get one here, so I went to the main website and was thrilled to find that Hovr deliver worldwide and have a great customer service. Also a great price too. Within 14 days the swing arrived and my husband fitted it to my desk and I haven't looked back since. Yes one of the foot disks started to grind a little, but cleaning the bearing and re-oiling it has made it good as new. Cannot recommend enough for anyone who is desk based for hours at a time, this does make a difference.


I use my HOVR daily, it makes me feel so much better about all the sitting I do.